Korsakow Webhosting

You made a Korsakow film and want to see it online? Get it done hassle-free by the makers of Korsakow.

Web hosting

  • We will host your Korsakow-film (up to 5 GB) on our high-performance servers.

Unique korsakow.tv sub-domain

  • Your Korsakow-film will get its unique subdomain-URL:
    NameOfYourChoice.korsakow.tv (if this sub-domain is still available).


  • You can embed your Korsakow-film on your own website (or any other website).
    We will provide you with the html-code for that.


  • 35,00 € per year
  • + 50,00 € one time set up fee
  • optional extra space (1 GB – 12,00 € per year)
    all prices plus tax