"GELD.GR - Money and the Greeks" - Florian Thalhofer and Elissavet Aggou traveled through Greece and talked with people about money and how live is like in the middle of the crisis.

People in Greece and Germany collaborated to select tha material that was used in this new Korsakow-Film. You can view it online.

Subtitles are available so far in Greek, German and French.

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CURRENTLY WORKING ON: Germania Transfer – young Romanians blogging

Emigrating to Germany is the dream of many young academics in Romania. Open borders, expectations for a good job and the longing for a well-regulated life let Romania's brightest brains hope for a new existence in Germany. The huge migration from Romania to Germany became a phenomenon. What do these people dream of? What is expecting them in Germany? And what do they expect from Germany?

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