We think, we tell. We retell – we rethink.

The way we tell stories defines the way we make sense of the world. Since the invention of celluloid film our way of narrating became more and more linear. Watching and making films was and is a constant exercise that forms the brain. The way we make sense of the world today became very linear and we now live in a time of highly linear thinking.


Computers allow a different way of structuring filmic narration. With computers we can create nonlinear narrations – stories without a moral, without an opinion: stories that allow to see more clearly, narrations that enable us to see variety of relevant patterns and sense the connectedness of the things around.

Korsakow Institut is a Berlin based company that explores a new way of narration, a new way of seeing, a new way of thinking.

We also develop a software called:

For more about the Korsakow software please go to korsakow.com