Korsakow Film

GELD.GR – Money And The Greeks

A Korsakow Film is a generative film, created with the Korsakow software. Korsakow Films are usually interactive, non linear and web based. Generative means, that the connections of the elements of the film (called “SNUs” = Smallest Narrative Units) are calculated while a viewer is navigating the film. The connections are usually not random, they are based on rules (they can be random as well, as random is just a rule). Usually one SNU has connections to many other SNUs. The rules are created by the author of the Korsakow film, who also creates the content.

GELD.GR – Money And The Greeks



There are many similarities to linear film. This is why Korsakow Films are called films. Korsakow films are the work of an author, or a group of authors. Unlike in a linear films the sequence of the scenes is not fixed once and forever. Korsakow films are flexible and produce variations of the piece every time someone watches it. Korsakow is not a format to present video clips, Korsakow is more of a format in itself.

PLANET GALATA – A Bridge In Istanbul

Like film Korsakow has a strong inner logic. It is a method of arguing, a tool to make sense of the world. Watching Korsakow Films and even more making Korsakow Films is an exercise for the brain to see different connections, to find new patterns in things. Korsakow can be mind altering.

Korsakow was invented by Florian Thalhofer at the University of the Arts in Berlin in 2000. It has been developed since then and is used by people all over the world.