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Some people like shopping malls. Some don’t. Some people spend their lifes in shopping malls. Whether they work there or whether they hang out there. Shopping malls are similar to piazzas in small-towns: People go there, not just to buy or sell, but also to have a coffee and chat with their neighbors. Shopping malls are trading places: goods are exchanged but also stories and feelings – big ones and small ones.

This is what interested Florian Thalhofer and Kolja Mensing in their second collaborative project (after 13th Floor). Both authors spent one month inside a shopping mall in Bremen – they slept in a caravan on the shopping mall’s parking-lot. „Roland Center“ was one of the first shopping malls built in Germany. It is a coincidence that both authors and the shopping mall were of exactly the same age.

Thalhofer and Mensing fell in love with the Roland Center and the wonderful people and their stories that make it a very special place. As every place anywhere is a very special place, if you take one month time to watch and listen.


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