Korsakow Installation

Forgotten Flags in Bangalore

A Korsakow Installation is a choreographed multiple-screen video-installation. It is a visually impressive experience for viewers, who can intervene by navigating through an interactive and generative film. There are various satellite screens that react to the viewers interventions.

Korsakow Installations have been realized for a number of Florian Thalhofer’s works (7sons, LoveStoryProject, Forgotten Flags, GELD.GR). They have been presented at various museums, galleries and festivals. Korsakow Installations are based on a non-public version of the Korsakow software software.

There are also a number of Korsakow Installations that were realized for clients.

LoveStoryProject in São Paulo
7 SONS in Cairo
GELD.GR in Kassel
GELD.GR in Athens
Forgotten Flags in Karlsruhe