We usually make Korsakow-films, Korsakow-Shows and Korakow-Installations. These are usually bigger productions for institutions such as Goethe-Institut, ARTE/ZDF or museums. We are working on these projects for months, often more than a year. Usually we build a website and a Facebook-page around it and create a rich user experience.

Now we also offer a smaller format:


A Korsakow-Portrait is a short Korsakow-film (10-15 Minutes) created by us in 3-4 weeks for a significantly lower fee than the large-scale projects we usually do.

This service is aimed at small- or medium size businesses that want to present themselves to the world through this innovative form of interactive web-video. If you want your audience to get a better understanding of the products or services you offer, or your company philosophy, Korsakow-portraits are a novel and honest way to present yourself. These portraits are designed to be embedded in your current company website, enhancing your existing content.


Please contact us if you are interested.