Korsakow Show

A Korsakow Show is an interactive and participative format, in which video clips are shown, and discussed by experts and audience.

Korsakow Show in Munich


Appearing playful at first, a Korsakow-Show is serious format for discussions. At the center of a Korsakow Show is a Korsakow Film, with video clips that have been prepared for the topic of the venue. The audience votes collectively with laser pointers, which clip should come up next.

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There are also two experts on stage. They do not influence the course of the film, their role is to comment and put into context, what can be seen in the video. Whenever an expert feels inspired, by what he sees on the screen, he pushes a button to turn on a light that indicates that he or she is now selectable by the audience. The audience now has the choice between another clip or the voice of the expert.

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Additionally also the audience itself has the possibility to pipe up through different channels, like sending text or Twitter messages that are displayed instantaneously. Braver members of the audience can leave the anonymity of the crowed and walk up to the stage. There is a button, that a member of the audience can press. A light turns on – like the light for the expert – and this member of the audience makes itself selectable by the audience. Only after he or she is selected he or she gets speaking time.

Korsakow Show on Immigration in Bucharest

The audience takes the seat of the moderator. The audience decides collectively what shall be seen, or what comment should be heard. There is no moderator that explains and simplifies the content for the audience.

GELD.GR in Athens

Florian Thalhofer invented this format for a series of 16 talk shows that took place at M√ľnchner Kammerspiele – a theater in Munich. The format has been experienced in more than 40 venues since then.


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